True Philadelphia Stories

These stories and essays, for the most part, take place in the city of Philadelphia. Taken together, they paint the portrait of a young scholar trying to find his way in the big city. From the halls of academe through his transition into the “real world,” the stories chart his progress, his love life, his triumphs and his failures as he tries to find within himself who he is and where he belongs on this planet. Just because most of the characters are still in their twenties doesn’t mean the stories should be labeled coming-of-age stories. Most of the stories have no moral, and there are more questions than answers to be garnered from most of them. Finally, not all the stories are uplifting, but at least they are honest and may offer some insight into this perplexing world of which we are all a part.

As You Sow: A Poetry Anthology

These collected poems were written over a four-decade time span. They vary in rhyme and meter, and there is no recognizable consistent style. Each poem stands by itself – snippets of thoughts in poetic form that hopefully contain some element of beauty. The title comes from Galatians 6:7 – As you sow, so shall you reap. In other words, each and every act has consequences. And not all consequences …

Chasing Quetzalcoatl to the American Dream

There are stories of biological evolution, and then there are stories of soul evolution.

Set in the Southwest, this is a story of soul evolution. The story of a soldier who came back from Vietnam and knew he had to adapt to a rapidly changing world. The story chronicles his transformation from soldier to a man of God, but for him the process of change was not always kind. Making his journey more difficult is the fact that he comes from a mixture of two cultures, Native American (Navajo) and white. He encounters people who are further along the path in their soul evolution than he is, along with incredible obstacles to his education and business endeavors. But most importantly, he must learn to reconcile his warrior nature with God’s plan for him.

In the end, will he succeed in this?

Down and out in Philadelphia and New York

Down and Out in Philadelphia and New York by author Garret Thomas Godwin is an introspective look at two great American cities.

Godwin, with an omnipotent and candid voice, philosophizes about the modern-day issues that affect these metropolises: poverty, status, crime, education, and ethnicity.

Comparing the best and worst of each, Godwin gives the reader a unique and intimate view of their populace and flavor. What makes each city tick? How does the Philadelphia Art Museum compare with New Yorks Metropolitan Museum of Art? Whats better, Phillys soft pretzels or New Yorks hot dogs? New Yorks pride and joy is Central Park, but what about the lesser known Fairmont Park in Philly?

Discover the nuances between the middle class and upper class in these two major cities, the future of pharmaceuticals, how to mix with the movers and shakers, how to keep from getting mugged, and how to avoid respiratory disease in these pollution-heavy environments. Godwins comparisons tout the highs and lows of each within a sociological context.

With big-city slang and intuitive observation, Godwin leaves it up to the reader to render his or her own opinion: do we really live in a melting pot, or has America reached its crescendo?

Through the Dark Looking Glass

Ira Ellingswortha pawn in the neoconservative movement under the tutelage of his boss, Fred Rollins, a born-again evangelical Christian and archconservative realizes that this is not the destiny he wanted for himself. As an assistant district attorney, he comes face-to-face with the unholy trinity of the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act of 2006, and the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Act of 2007. To make matters worse, he is proselytized to become a member of the Christian Zionist movement, which he eventually finds to be hypocritical. He and his comrade-in-arms Carol Langley do battle against these forces, but they realize that they are outmatched. Seeking a new direction, Ira and Carol get hired by Roberto Sanchez, a lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and they blossom as civil rights lawyers. Ira now fights against everything that Fred Rollins stands for, and he starts to bring justice back from near annihilation. The national intelligence agencies and their ever-expanding surveillance powers receive their first reality check compliments of the ACLU, and Ira becomes an unlikely hero. He then undergoes a spiritual transformation as he breaks free from the power-obsessed neoconservative world and sees that the country is finally moving in a new direction.